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5 tips to get into IIT

You must be wondering why IITs are so famous. You would see IIT graduates are leading many top organizations to political parties.

Some of the known names are Sundar Pichai (Alphabet, Google CEO), Arvind Kejriwal (Delhi CM), Raguram Rajan (Ex. RBI Governor, Economist), and many more…

Have you ever thought about what’s common in all these people?

Let us explain to you in detail. All these people are IIT graduates. Getting into IIT is not only about a world-class education. But, it primarily about a perfect Launchpad to follow your dream and become what you always aspire to be.

Who would have thought that an IIT graduate would be a politician one day? Arvind Kejriwal started his political career from his IIT days itself.

IITs are the perfect Launchpad for students. So, many of you must be worried about How to get into IIT?

5 important strategies/tips to get into IIT:

we at mentee education have figured out the best approaches to qualify and get selected in IITs.

Start early preparation

Many students start their IIT-JEE preparation from class 9th onwards. We recommend you to sharpen your conceptual learning from class 9th and 10th (class 9th and 10th syllabus is an introductory syllabus for class 11th and 12th).

start preparing for exam early

The best time to start preparing for this highly competitive test is from Class 11th. It is the right time, as students get ample free time during Class 11th and can prepare for the test peacefully. Also, a part of the JEE syllabus comes from Class 11th topics, so it is good to start at an early stage.

Plan your study smartly

For any exam, it is important to start planning in advance. Plan your study in Class 11th and follow the plan regularly. You can take help from teachers, friends, or your family members to help you in preparing a study plan for JEE. There are many IT tools to plan and track your learning hassle FREE (check Mentee platform). Apart from designing a study plan, it is good to gather JEE Study Material as well.

plan your study & practice in advance

Practice daily (solve more questions)

Once you are done with the course plan, it is important to take at least two sample tests every day. This will help you know where you stand in your exam preparation. JEE Online Test Series comes with the topic-wise test, Subtopic-wise quizzes. Make use of the series to ace the real exam. IIT JEE Online Coaching prepares sample tests based on the latest syllabus, therefore it is an added advantage for you.

You can also do smart preparation where your preparation/practice is managed by adaptive learning to improve your performance significantly. Mentee and Embibe pioneer in this.

The secret behind clearing JEE successfully is a regular practice. The more you practice, the more knowledge you’ll gain on the topic. Make use of IIT JEE Sample Papers to grasp the concepts. Make short notes of important formulas and concepts after studying every topic from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Revise the short points just before the exam to keep it fresh in your mind.

Monitor, Analyze your learning

Many teachers and coaching institutes don’t talk about analyzing the performance because it is humanly not feasible. But today platforms offering exam preparation and practice a lot of analysis on students learning.

Enroll for a good platform to test your performance. It is observed that the students who analyze their learnings and practice accordingly have more than 50% better performance than just regular practicing.

analyze and monitor your preparation

Mentee is one of the best-liked platforms by students preparing for IIT-JEE for performance analysis. Apart from analysis, it helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses along with cognitive assessment using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Take care of personal wellness

Stress, panic, and frustration are some of the common emotions every student experiences just before the exam. It is advised, you keep your mind and body relaxed by eating properly and taking timely rest. Sleep at least 8 hours in the night and exercise regularly. Meditation is also a great way to keep your mind relaxed before the exam. Morning exercises and meditation can help you set clear thinking and thought process, which is very important for any exam and career path.

good health is importnt for success

Mentee Education has come up with unique techniques like digital learning mediums, exam preparations, and performance analysis by field experts to help you crack the exam successfully. The above five strategies will help you ace IIT JEE and succeeding exams.


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