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Adaptive Learning

Our Adaptive Learning approaches help students learn
30-40% more EFFICIENTLY than regular learning
adaptive learning design
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Intelligence & Neural


Learning Block Technology


Pattern Recognition & Profiling


Content Rationalization


Content Dynamism

Exam and preparation and save time

Mentee is working on bringing a world-class adaptive learning feature. Adaptive learning is a method on which mentee platform works. It is an algorithmic technique of adaptive teaching and education, which uses users’ data to provide curated or customized material to each user/learner according to their needs and profile.

Mentee platform uses adaptive learning to standardize, rationalize & optimize the content & material to help learners/users to improve their learning efficiency. Mentee platform tracks each learner's performance and does behavioral & empirical analysis and then clusters learners' profiles to guide learners throughout the learning journey.

What it does

  • Automates students learning
  • Design customized learning material & quizzes, using LBT (Learning Block Technology)
  • Gives suggestions to improve rank
  • Guides in the learning journey
  • Interact with students & build their confidence to solve difficult problems