About Us

Mentee is a brand of Techademics Analytics Pvt. Ltd. founded in 2019 by young entrepreneurs and alumnus of IIM & IIT.

The founder's journey from getting into top colleges to MNC’s led to an idea of an online education platform where students' learning can be improved by constantly monitoring their performances, activities, and remedial approaches.

As learners (students) move up in the learning journey. They face a tremendous amount of pressure and lack conceptual learning while preparing for exams. We found that learners face at least one of the below problems:

  • Poor exam preparation techniques
  • Failed attempts in problem-solving
  • Confused about finding good study material
  • Unable to plan & schedule study
  • Poor time management
  • Low scores in exams
  • Unable to find what are their weaknesses
  • Get demotivated due to failed attempts in problem-solving (and many more……)

Also, students are surrounded by many inefficient learning platforms where students get bored, stressed, and disinterested.

We at mentee are trying to solve all of these problems through unconventional ways. We start with learners’ performance and try to improve their performance and learning efficiency through an online adaptive learning platform by using efficient techniques of learning and constantly adopting the best.

Mentees’ unique approaches toward solving problems prevailing in the education sector help end-user succeed in their learning goals. Mentee is working on building an interactive adaptive learning platform that helps learners learn more efficiently, improve their conceptual learning, and helps them in solving problems they face during their learning journey. And, all this is possible through Mentees’ AI-powered adaptive learning approach which not only provides customized content but it helps learners grow faster & more productive.

Mentee is building things every day to improve learners’ experience & efficiency.

Our Mantras

  • Be efficient
  • Be smart
  • Be innovative