What you should do to crack the IIT-JEE exam

Getting into top colleges after 12th is not an easy task for students. Almost all the top colleges in India have entrance exams which each student has to qualify to get an admission. And, recently launched National Education Policy (NEP) has also focused on entrance exams for all colleges/universities.

When it comes to competitive or entrance exams, IIT-JEE is one of the world’s toughest and high volume exam. Nowadays, Lot of students have started preparing for exams during high school itself (generally from 9th class). And, there is a large pool of students who take a year break to prepare for entrance exams so that they can level up to compete.

Form the last few years difficulty of exams and assessment criteria has changed significantly. And, many students every year do not get selected in any IITs even though they studied 12-16 hours every day. So, what went wrong? Many questions are being unanswered. So, we have decided to explain each of these questions

1. What exactly students lack when they are preparing for exams?

2. What level of preparation is good to get selected in JEE?

3. Does hard-working or studying 14-16 hours a day necessary to get into IITs?

4. What is the best way to prepare for IIT exams?

5. How to improve the JEE rank?

So, let us first explain to you the first 3 questions, and then we will explain to you the rest 2 questions through an approach designed by experts.

What exactly students lack when they are preparing for exams?

  • Many students do not know how to plan study – What to study first, how to divide learning and practicing for each topic.

  • Today there are a lot of content/material available but which one is useful to build the concepts are still a huge struggle for many students

  • Many students don’t know how to test the learning. Hence, it leads to unplanned question attempts

  • Many students don’t know what preparation material is good for them which eventually lead to inefficient learning

  • Unawareness about strength and weaknesses (it is found that students love solving questions of topics which they are comfortable with. And, do not solve any questions where they lack. Hence, it leads to lower overall performance)

What level of preparation is good to get selected in JEE?

IIT-JEE exam requires a good amount of effort to reach a top 1% level. Students should prepare differently for the exam than the other regular exams. You can achieve better results by spending lesser time if, it is done properly.

Some students take time to learn while some are quick learners but to crack the exam, the ultimate objective of a student should be to learn a concept thoroughly.

Does hard-working or studying 14-16 hours a day necessary to get into IITs?

Studying for a longer duration doesn’t guarantee selection in IIT-JEE. One should plan to study and learn efficiently. You must be wondering what is learning efficiency. So, let us explain to you in detail. Our experts have identified a better approach to improve performance and learning efficiency.

A new framework of smart learning

Mentee Education has designed a new learning approach for IIT-JEE aspirants. This approach will improve performance and learning efficiency significantly. We have conducted research to identify the possible areas to help students achieve better results.

The new approach works on regular conceptual learning, practice, and assessments. First students should learn concepts thoroughly. For IIT-JEE aspirants, we have identified a few best materials to learn (given in the below image). Study all the subjects on daily basis (spend 30-45 min on leaning a concept – do this for all 3 subjects).

For every conceptual learning student should practice simultaneously (solve problems/questions). Start with easier questions of different types initially and then solve the difficult problems once you are comfortable with easier questions (spend 2 hours daily on solving questions for each concept/topic – do this for all subjects). After solving each quiz or test, analyze the performance (success rate, time spent, failed attempts, and what type of questions are performed poorly, etc.). Once you have the performance analysis of your practice then make informed decisions based on the results. Decide whethere you should re-learn the concept or practice more questions of different types.

smart exam preparation process

Image: An overview of mentee smart exam preparation model for IIT-JEE

Solve weekly and monthly tests to practice time management and applied learning.

If you find the above process very tedious and time consuming then use digital education platforms. Using tech tools to plan and practice is not a bad choice. Many students practice for exams on some platform which would make it easier for them to follow the explained approach (you can subscribe to Mentee for FREE to study smartly).

Do this for a month and discuss the result and performance with your teacher or mentor.

Thank you for reading, we hope this would be helpful for your exam preparation.

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