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(our assessment reports help students in improving their PROBLEM SOLVING skills and RANK)

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On average our users have improved 30-40% performance

get study content & material
Our 360° content (conceptual videos, notes etc.) approach allows users to prepare and learn simultaneously. Mentee platform encourages students to prepare and helps them with conceptual learning to enhance their performance gradually.

do detailed performance assessment
Mentee has a very unique approach to performance analysis. Our performance analysis can help students figure out and understand
  • where they lack
  • what are their pain-points
  • how much difficult problems they can solve, and
  • what they need to do to improve their rank

  • Exam and preparation and save time
    Mentee has designed a comprehensive exam preparation system. On mentee platform students can not only attempt standard exams, adaptive quizzes (questions get easier or difficult based on your performance) and topic-based quizzes, but they can also analyze their performance instantaneously.
    Students get personalized solutions to further enhance their learning and concepts for every exam & quiz they attempt. Mentee serves each student personally based on their needs and shortcomings.

    schedule and plan your study simultaneously track all performance and targets
    Students are ~30% more efficient when they have a proper time-table & study plan. Mentee experts have designed a study/learning tracker for students to improve their learning efficiency. It tracks students learning behavior to further automate the learning journey.

    Adaptive learnig with mentee
    Mentee is working on bringing a new adaptive learning feature. Adaptive learning...
  • automates students' learning
  • design customized learning material and quizzes
  • gives suggestions to improve ranking
  • guide in the learning journey
  • interact with students and build their confidence to solve difficult problems